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Mosul Attack “Faster then Planned”

*Mosul attack faster than planned: Iraq PM
The offensive to seize back Mosul from Islamic State is going faster than planned, according to Iraq's prime minister, as Iraqi and Kurdish forces launched a new military operation to clear villages on the city's outskirts.
*Iraq PM hails swift progress of Mosul offensive

*Mosul Operation Advancing 'More Quickly' Than Expected, Iraqi Prime Minister Says

*Independent- ISIS Retreats as Army Gains Faster then Expected

In some places the US-backed Iraqi coalition is just four miles away from outskirts of Isis-held city following three days of heavy fighting- SPIN
The long-anticipated offensive to free the city of Mosul from Isis is going faster than planned, Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi has said, as the country's elite special forces were deployed in the fight for the first time.

“The forces are pushing towards the town more quickly than we thought and more quickly than we had programmed,” Mr al-Abadi said via satlink to representatives of several Middle Eastern and Western countries gathered in Paris on Thursday to discuss Iraq’s future.


Taking Mosul "So far this is easier then Fallujah" What Comes After Will Be Worse, For Iraq.


 Tuesday -

Mosul- Difficult Fight? Already Ahead of Schedule?


Monday -

The Battle for Mosul Has Begun?

"Surely the US will want to wrap it up by the end of the month or beginning of November at the latest ?
In time for Hillary to crow about the victory?
In time for Obama to end his presidential term on a positive note for the history books?
We'll have to see how this plays out for the US election and Obama's legacy."
One wonders about the situation the Iraqi forces may be being led into?

From Earlier:

Aleppo: Provisional Ceasefire via LiveSurveillance Cam and Drone Footage

Aleppo: Provisional Ceasefire via LiveSurveillance Cam and Drone Footage

 RT: Livestream videos from web cameras installed along ‘humanitarian corridors’ in Aleppo, as well as real time drone footage, are now available at Russia’s MoD website, providing a closer look at what is happening in the city amid a provisional ceasefire.

Online Monitoring in Aleppo City via Cam and Drone Live Streaming- Link to Russian Defence Ministry Site - English

Watching Kastello Road presently- the shadows are long indicating late afternoon early evening- Cars, vans and buses being checked.

You can also view the Masharka checkpoint.
There are, what appears to be, 3 views for each area.

SANA reporting: 
  -Some gunmen leave Aleppo eastern neighborhoods via Bustan al-Qassr corridor that was targeted by terrorists

Drone footage shows  lots of intact buildings..... interesting 

UPDATE: Army helicopters throw publications over eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo showing locations of corridors

The leafletting took place hours ago:

SANA reporter said that in coincidence with the beginning of the humanitarian pause at 08:00 am today, helicopters of the Syrian Army threw hundreds of thousands of publications on the eastern neighborhoods showing the locations of the humanitarian corridors for the exit of civilians, whose number is six in addition to two more routes for the exit of gunmen.
The reporter clarified that the publications included instructions for a safe exit and calls upon the gunmen to seize the chance of either having their legal files settled or leaving, in addition to providing help to those who want to leave.
08:00 Syrian time would have been midnight (Thursday) EST
It's 10:46 am EST, as this sentence is typed, and it is surely nightfall in Syria now.
 Sputnik is reporting that NATO's terrorists openfire on civilians wanting to leave

 "Some 2,000 – 2,500 civilians who wanted to use the corridors and flee eastern Aleppo gathered in Bustan al-Qasr. Al-Nusra [Front] militants opened fire and did not allow them to leave. Several people were wounded," the source said.

 Earlier, Aleppo residents told RIA Novosti that Jabhat Fatah al-Sham terrorist group formerly known as al-Nusra Front threatened to shoot Syrian civilians planning to leave eastern Aleppo through six allocated humanitarian corridors.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Taking Mosul "So far this is easier then Fallujah" What Comes After Will Be Worse, For Iraq.

As has been mentioned ISIS  'lays down'. Melts Away. Disappears. Always. 

Related: Mosul- Difficult Fight? Already Ahead of Schedule?
Related :  The Battle for Mosul Has Begun?

I've noticed the phenomena myself on more then one occasion. Soufan group reported on it more then once also. (linked contained in above posts)

Flashback: Transcript of Assad Interview- Setting Records Straight via Highlights & more
2014:  ISIS = Smoke & Mirrors. Giving cover now for strikes on Syria
 We have to realize that ISIS is the smoke and mirrors to the ME reshape. ISIS is the deception. The distraction. While we are spoon fed the ISIS soma, NATO headed by the US, in cahoots with Israel and the GCC nations reorder the globe to suit their agenda.
The agenda hasn't changed. 


 Iraqi forces moving toward Mosul along one southern front progressed quickly Monday, the first day of the offensive. But the push slowed Tuesday, as forces still miles outside Iraq’s second-largest city regrouped and rested before resuming efforts to encircle it.

On Wednesday, Iraqi military officials ordered a pause to allow one of the Iraqi army divisions operating south of Mosul to make up ground. The division had been delayed in the first two days of the offensive, moving only about half a mile along the 35-mile route to Mosul, an officer of the government’s Emergency Response Division said.

It wasn’t clear why the army division was delayed, the officer said.

The officer said that in two days of fighting to clear villages west of the Mosul-Baghdad highway, his forces had encountered 10 suicide car bombers deployed by Islamic State, and intercepted and destroyed seven.

Although the Sunni Muslim extremist group is still formidable, the officer added, it (ISIS) is employing simpler and fewer defenses than it used in previous battles in the city of Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq.

“So far, this is far easier than Fallujah,” he said.
Easier then Fallujah? The crown jewel of the Islamic State? Simpler and less defended. Easier then Fallujah?

Kurdish forces
 In the town of Shaquli, Peshmerga troops settled in, their armored vehicles sprouting heavy weapons parked behind freshly made berms.

Some fighters took selfies alongside an abandoned Islamic State truck bomb.
The vehicle had approached the front line, then the driver jumped out without detonating the explosives, the Peshmerga said. Meanwhile, warplanes screeched overhead, and the occasional military vehicle rumbled past, kicking up clouds of dust.
The vehicle approached the front line. The driver jumped out without detonating the explosives.
Why? I thought this was an epic fight? Why did the driver not detonate the explosives? Where did the driver go? Was he killed? Or did he disappear into the advancing Kurdish troops?
Why didn't the Peshmerga  fighter mention the conclusion of the incident? In my opinion, it reads to me as if a truck full of explosives was delivered to the fighters. I assume these fighters are PKK.

 “We’re waiting for orders,” said Qahraman Said Hamed, 38, his face grimy from manning a heavy machine gun during the push earlier this week.

So far, he said, the offensive to retake Mosul from Islamic State, which has held the city for more than two years, was proceeding more easily than expected.
“They’re not like they used to be,” he said of the jihadists. “They’re getting weaker now. They’re in defensive positions and just trying to protect themselves.”
By all accounts the advance is proceeding along very easily. For the Iraqi military, Fallujah, was unsurprisingly a tougher battle- (The reason, in my opinion, for that was mentioned in a previous post)


The Iraqi government does not want the inhabitants of Mosul to flee in order to hold onto the territory- As Iraq's territory. They've been leafleting the area in advance of troop movements.

It is a case where the spoils are going to be more problematic than the victory. Already there is talk in Iraq and the U.S. Congress of turning Mosul and surrounding Ninevah Province into several quasi-autonomous “cantons” along the lines of the Kurdish protected zone created after the Gulf War. This is a terrible idea.

Such mini-states would have no legitimacy in the eyes of the Iraqi government or people. They would likely fight among themselves over land and oil. And their creation could give momentum to a total breakup of the Iraqi state, which would create the sort of chaos that allowed Islamic State to thrive in the first place.

This is why the Iraqi government has to come up with a plan now for a temporary ruling authority to take civilian control of Mosul as soon as the fighting ends. This government would have to allow representation from all the ethnic and religious factions and be committed to religious tolerance and rule of law.
The plan should be made public before the battle ends, which would keep Mosul’s residents calm and eager to expel the terrorist forces. Equally important is avoiding atrocities by Shiite militia members against the Sunni population for alleged collusion with the terrorists, as occurred after the fights to re-take Amerli, Fallujah and Tikrit from Islamic State. Shiite units should be kept out of the center-city fighting entirely.

I've discussed the multitudinous problems with the fall out of Mosul on numerous occasions:
Part 3 (above) also has a part 2 and part 1... 
My first thought was that Obama might want Mosul done as a two year anniversary deal- However, an October surprise always had great potential too!
There's more here on Mosul. Much more..  

UPDATE 5:55 pm EST

  Iraqi Advance Into Mosul Exceeds Expectations
 “The Mosul operation is proceeding ahead of schedule due to the deterioration of ISIS defenses,” Iraqi Army Chief of Staff Gen. Othman Al-Ghanimi said Tuesday.
Islamic State terrorists have destroyed their administrative buildings in the city, including offices containing passports and tax records.
Isn't that amazing? Islamic State is carrying out the same type of action as the Kurds PKK/YPG take when they steal territory. Destroy administrative buildings and of course administrative records- Like land titles and ownership documents..
I've got a post covering this topic relating to the ethnic cleansing of Manbij somewhere here
 “Some ISIS terrorists, dressed in Iraqi forces uniforms and in vehicles carrying Iraqi flags, are moving in areas not yet liberated south of Mosul in order to arrest people who show support for Iraqi forces"
 Hmmm.. who would have provided ISIS with Iraqi military uniforms? That wouldn't be advantageous to the Iraqi military to have done that? Not at all! Good for who ever would be best served by turning the populace against the Iraqi military though? Gee, which parties could that be?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mosul- Difficult Fight? Already Ahead of Schedule?

There is much spin today about the fight for Mosul being long and difficult.  Dramatic media presentation? Sure. Realistic? Not so much. Narrative prep to make the 'win' seem that much more substantive.

I disagree completely with the presentation!

*Since Mosul's been being softened for months and months now- Not to 'fight' but to displace.

From Yesterday:   The Battle for Mosul Has Begun?
So an "official announcement" marks the beginning of the Mosul onslaught?

As readers here know, Mosul, has been being bombed for months now.. 
As Kurds continue to make clear territory they take, is theirs. 
And the Kurds have NATO on their side

As I'd mentioned last week it was reported that around 1,000 fighters remained in Mosul-

* Russia and Turkey Plot The Endgame in Aleppo
 "Not much resistance is expected from the Islamic State fighters numbering around 1000 in Mosul,........"
 Some media outlets are suggesting it's higher. It's doubtful there are even 1,000 fighters there as of today in Mosul!

ISIS will 'lay down' just like it always does.
" ISIS has largely vacated Mosul... as they do everywhere else when 'the big battle' is on
  As has been reported.  Every time. Jarablus. Dabiq. Kobane. Etc.,  Don't believe me? I'll let the Soufan Group tell you about it!
On October 16, Iraq announced that the battle for Mosul had begun; on the same day, U.S. and Turkish-backed rebel forces retook the Syrian town of Dabiq from the Islamic State.
 As it has done elsewhere in Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State chose not to fight to the end in Dabiq.
• Despite its apocalyptic rhetoric, the Islamic State’s military strategy in the face of mounting territorial losses has been decidedly non-apocalyptic, particularly since its most decisive defeat in Kobani in early 2015.
 Regarding Mosul: 
 When faced with the prospect of overwhelming force in other strategic cities, the Islamic State has often preempted a strategic defeat with a tactical retreat, thus preserving the majority of its fighting force."
You can read the rest about the fierce ISIS laying down in yesterday's post relinked above!

Edited to add: My version of laying down has most of them switching teams- Think of Mosul when it was first taken. Think of Kobani- where ISIS changed clothes and blended in with the  PKK Kurds- which would be so very easy to do

It's already being reported the fight is ahead of schedule. Seriously.

President Barack Obama warned on Tuesday of a tough battle ahead as Iraqi forces backed by a US-led coalition advanced on Mosul to wrest the city from the Islamic State group.
Obama said the push to liberate the northern city, the jihadists’ last stronghold in Iraq, now in its second day, was a “major step forward.
Iraqi forces were making gains as tens of thousands of fighters advanced on Mosul in an unprecedented offensive to retake the city from the Islamic State group.
With the crucial battle in its second day, Iraqi commanders said progress was being made as fighters pushed on two main fronts against the jihadists’ last stronghold in Iraq.
The US military, which is leading a coalition providing air and ground support, said Iraqi forces even looked “ahead of schedule” but senior Western officials warned the battle would be long and difficult.
Advancing in armoured convoys across the dusty plains surrounding Mosul, forces moved into villages defended by pockets of IS fighters after intensive aerial bombardment.
After just two days the campaign is ahead of schedule- Wow!

Media drama aside-

Mosul will be taken in short order- The fallout from the taking of Mosul will drag on for years and years-  
Not sure how the 'taking' of Mosul will be defined? But it will be hyped as a success!
You can count on it!

Russian/Turkish Rapprochement. Certainly Not A First!

The other day wizoz left a comment below the post: An Insecure West and Turkey?
Let's make a short incursion in history.
"The Treaty of Hünkâr Iskelesi (once commonly spelled Unkiar Skelessi, and translating to The Treaty of "the Royal Pier" or "the Sultan's Pier") was a treaty signed between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire on July 8, 1833, following the military aid of Russia against Mehmed Ali that same year. The treaty brought about an alliance between the two powers, as well as a guarantee that the Ottomans would close the Dardanelles to any foreign warships if the Russians requested such action. The treaty would have significant consequences regarding the Ottoman Empire’s foreign relations, especially with Great Britain and Ireland, as the terms of the treaty worried the other great powers of Europe."
The panic in Western capitals was so great that they sent the Navies to the Dardanelles, threatening the Turks.

I had bookmarked an article about this agreement, and others, and the subsequent concern to ‘the great powers of Europe” Pravda By Harun Yahya

 One can understand the apprehension of Europe when you imagine the influence in the region the two countries could have as a unified force.

After the start of normalization between Turkey and Russia, and the subsequent coup attempt on July 15, Turkish and Russian governments stepped up their efforts to solidify an alliance. Both countries began developing common strategies with respect to regional issues, most notably those regarding the Black Sea and Syria. It is also expressed that once this alliance reaches maturity, Iran, Azerbaijan and even Pakistan might also join in. As a matter of fact, Iran started to take steps in that direction and initially made its Hamedan airbase available for use by Russian planes.

This alliance, proposing that only the regional nations can find solutions to the regional problems, is a valuable step that has real potential to bring peace longed for by the entire world. 
However, this is certainly not the first instance of a rapprochement between the two nations. In 1833, the Treaty of Hunkar Iskelesi (Unkiar Skelessi) brought about a joint defense alliance. Sultan Mahmud II and Russian Tsar Nicholas I prudently realized that such a treaty could block the plots of third party countries. According to the treaty, if one party requested military assistance, the other would offer that help with all its resources. Furthermore, according to the confidential clause of the treaty, in case of a war, the Ottomans would close Dardanelles to all warships except for the Russian ships. 
This treaty became possible due to Russia's support for Ottoman during Mehmet Ali Pasha's riot. Upon the request of Mahmud II, the Russian army helped suppress the riot. Mehmet Ali Pasha, who had achieved military successes against the Ottoman army up to that point, dared not fighting the Russian army and signed the peace deal. This move effectively ended the riot. The positive outcome prompted the two leaders to make their cooperation official.

With the Treaty of Hunkar Iskelesi, two sides guaranteed the safety of each other. However, even though the treaty was confidential, the European countries managed to acquire its details with the help of the British ambassador Ponsonby. Britain and France immediately protested against the treaty and British fleets were dispatched to the shores of Izmir. Facing such reaction, Ottoman Empire had to retreat and signed the Baltalimani Treaty with the British, which included heavy economic terms. Due to European threats of war and political pressure, the treaty had been revoked by the London Treaty of 1840.
The sending of British fleets to the Turkish shores was a definite signal of British aggression
One can see similar traces of foreign intervention in the wars between Turkey and Russia. Two countries were pitted against each other over and over again by means of insidious plans, and war was shown as the only solution. Spies, diplomats, treacherous soldiers, double-dealing politicians, paid warmongers in the media considered their personal gains over their respective countries' interests. As a result, two neighboring countries fought while others took advantage of these conflicts.
The two countries were pitted against one another time and time again- Think about the well timed shoot down of the Russian jet- Just another example of pitting Turkey and Russia against one another?  Definitely.

11/2015  : The Russian minister said there was a question of American involvement in the downing of the Russian plane. According to his sources, the US demands all members of the anti-IS coalition led by Washington, who use US-made military aircraft, coordinate all deployments with the US military. “I wonder if this demand of the Americans covers… Turkey. If it does, I wonder whether Turkey asked permission from the US to fly its US-made planes and take down – let’s say 'an unidentified' – plane over Syrian territory,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov is saying the US was behind the shootdown!
Another example of the historical Russian-Ottoman rapprochement took place during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz. Son of Mahmud II, Abdulaziz too considered Russia a close ally and friend and started an alliance process one more time. Russian ambassador to Istanbul, Mr. Ignatiev mediated in this process of friendship. However, once again, a group of British-sympathizing soldiers staged a coup and ousted Sultan Abdulaziz. The policies of Mithat Pasha, who came to power, ''British'' Said Pasha and the new sultan caused another war between the Ottomans and Russians, which ended with a death toll of 250 thousand people.

Similar plots and schemes continued throughout 18th and 19th centuries and gave rise to a total of six wars. During these wars, certain European countries led by the British, sometimes sided with the Ottomans and sometimes with the Russians. These powers, provoking and giving rise to the wars, then acted as mediators to assist in signing peace treaties. Regardless of the winner on paper, it was actually both countries who lost in all those wars. Innocent people died, cities came down and both empires eventually collapsed as a result of such plots.

In the 20th century, Turks have always received a friendly hand from their northern neighbor Russia. For instance, it was the Russians who revealed the existence of the Sykes-Picot Agreement.
During Turkish war of independence, we enjoyed military and financial support from Russia. Indeed, as a gesture of appreciation, statues of two Russian generals, General Frunze and Marshall Voroshilov were erected in Taksim Square, the heart of Istanbul, among others who won the Independence War.
Russia supported the Turkish industrial efforts during the first years of the Republic. This friendship contributed in the recovery of war-torn Anatolia. However, our young Republic fell victim to similar past plots; whenever the two countries created warm friendly ties, civil unrest and military coups followed in Turkey. Clearly, certain circles didn't like the friendship between Russian and Turkish nations.

20th century brought pains to both nations. Russian and Turkish lands were occupied, dismembered and foreign powers made ambitious plans to share them. Nevertheless, the brave people of the two countries didn't allow such sinister plans to be successful, even if it meant losing their lives.

In the 21st century, under the leadership of President Erdogan and President Putin, the two countries started on an unnamed alliance in areas of politics, economy and trade. Mega projects were announced one after another. Joint companies and friendships were established. Russians and Turks enjoyed the comfort of friendship and fraternity. Even the regrettable incident of plane downing in December 2015 was not able to eclipse the long-time friendship. Despite the heavy domestic and foreign pressure otherwise, Turkey and Russia entered a normalization process and today continue to improve their relations, picking up where they left off. There are no longer any obstacles before the two countries' common action. We have to pay special tribute to President Putin and President Erdogan for their devoted efforts to making this friendship possible.

It should be remembered that countries that built great civilizations in history will never completely disappear. Indeed, both countries today enjoy sizable influence and power in their regions. As a matter of fact, Russia hosts a Muslim population that is larger than many Islamic countries. 20 million Muslims in Russia are siblings to the nations of both countries. Considering this magnificent power potential, it is obvious that only the Russian-Turkish alliance can bring peace to conflict zones. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise that some circles that feed off wars are targeting this alliance. What the 230 million people of Russia and Turkey should do is to protect our common goals with all our might and work to further reinforce this unity. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Battle for Mosul Has Begun?

So an "official announcement" marks the beginning of the Mosul onslaught?

As readers here know, Mosul, has been being bombed for months now.. 
Months and months

Surely the US will want to wrap it up by the end of the month or beginning of November at the latest ?
In time for Hillary to crow about the victory?
In time for Obama to end his presidential term on a positive note for the history books?
We'll have to see how this plays out for the US election and Obama's legacy.

It's being reported the battle is going well-  
4:15 p.m.

A senior military commander says the wide-scale military operation to recapture the northern city of Mosul from Islamic State militants "is going very well."
The Commander of the Joint Military Operation Commander, Army Lt. Gen. Talib Shaghati, told The Associated Press in an interview in the town of Khazer that the troops were moving forward according to plan. Shaghati wouldn't give details on the progress.
I've not  much to say about this news because I've already written so much about it!

September 30/2016: 2nd October Surprise Possibility - Taking Mosul. Dam of Mass Destruction.

August 31/2016: Could a Mosul Victory be an "October Surprise"

July 13/2016: Mosul Assault "ISIS Hostage" John Cantlie in Mosul- Taking Mosul for Kurdistan

June 5/2016: Planned Attack to Take Mosul Faces Delay ??? Don't Believe That!!!

June 02/2016: Mosul, Iraq and it’s Liberation. Definitely in Coordination with Moves In Raqqa, Syria

May 29/2016:  NATO Backed Kurds Move on Mosul- Canadians and/or Americans on Frontlines?

 May 24/2016: Chaos in Baghdad. Keeping Iraqi forces away from the NATO/PKK Operation to Take Mosul

 As I said  the battle for Mosul has been ongoing for months and months.

The window to take Raqqa and Mosul together is shut tight. Due to Turkey's presence. 

ISIS has largely vacated Mosul... as they do everywhere else when 'the big battle' is on
  As has been reported.  Every time. Jarablus. Dabiq. Kobane. Etc., 
Don't believe me? I'll let the Soufan Group tell you about it!
On October 16, Iraq announced that the battle for Mosul had begun; on the same day, U.S. and Turkish-backed rebel forces retook the Syrian town of Dabiq from the Islamic State.
 As it has done elsewhere in Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State chose not to fight to the end in Dabiq.
• Despite its apocalyptic rhetoric, the Islamic State’s military strategy in the face of mounting territorial losses has been decidedly non-apocalyptic, particularly since its most decisive defeat in Kobani in early 2015.
Regarding Mosul: 
 When faced with the prospect of overwhelming force in other strategic cities, the Islamic State has often preempted a strategic defeat with a tactical retreat, thus preserving the majority of its fighting force.
You didn't know that about ISIS?  Did you think ISIS left Jarablus because they are in cahoots with Turkey? Nah, them leaving was just more of their usual.  Perhaps you believe the spin presented by so many others?  Me, I prefer truth and facts.   Additionally, I've mentioned the phenomena myself on several occasions. 

Here   But the Kurds always emerge victorious. How can ISIS be portrayed as so threatening when the Kurds can beat them so handily?  Like when ISIS took Mosul Dam, but, the Kurds quickly took it back? Or just took it from  Iraq as in annexation?

In 2014:  "How do the Kurdish fighters keep doing it? ISIS allegedly moves in, Kurdish fighters also move in and very quickly secure the territory- Without the benefit of aerial bombings? This same scenario occured in Iraq.  Did ISIS just melt away when the Peshmerga and PKK fighters came to secure the territory that ISIS had so conveniently cleared for them?"

ISIS does just melt away- As observed and stated on more then one occasion by myself and Soufan group.Especially in tandem with the Kurds.  ISIS always melt away..... so conveniently. In order to aid the US in their  remaking the middle east agenda. It's way more likely that ISIS, or KurdIShIS as I call them, evacuates when the US/NATO high command gives the order. And regroup where and when the US/NATO high command tells them to.

Cause after all, who created ISIS? The US and the UK with the help of Israel
Exactly, as I had stated years back and Bashar Assad  recently validated :)

Transcript of Assad Interview- Setting Records Straight via Highlights & more

Sunday, October 16, 2016

An Insecure West and Turkey?

Certainly a loaded headline. How is the West insecure? Why is the West insecure?
What does their insecurity have to do with Turkey? Did their insecurity stem from their failed coup attempt?  Is the article the Greek perspective? NATO perspective? Both?

Greece spends large on NATO. 
On Monday, figures were released showing Greece as having the second highest spending in NATO, second to the U.S.
Greece was pivotal in moving ‘refugees’ to Europe as part of NATO's weaponized refugee movement. This has been discussed previously here at the blog.

Paints the US as victim to Turkey. Which is absurd. Poor US.. no one to talk to :(
Has the US done anything about Gulen yet? Nope!
Certainly demonizing Turkey. Which only bolsters my opinion of Turkey being targeted by NATO. Greece and Turkey have a lot of challenging, difficult  history, that’s for sure!

In Washington, Berlin and Brussels, you can’t helping sensing the fear of losing Turkey as an ally and partner of the West. President Recep Tayyip Ergodan is doing everything in his power to enhance that fear and to project the image of a powerful yet unpredictable leader. His meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his outbursts against the Europeans and his tough stance on the issue of Mosul are all part of this strategy.

The Americans have lost their traditional footholds in the Turkish military and foreign ministry. They no longer have anyone in Ankara with whom to talk and are having trouble interpreting Erdogan’s actions. (Are they really?) The Europeans, meanwhile, are terrified that Turkey will turn the refugees staying in its borders loose on the bloc’s shores. (They've been moving refugees back into Syria.. and need them to block Greater Kurdistan so sending them to Europe is a bit of a silly claim. Besides Italy has been trafficking migrants through to Europe now- mostly from Africa and nothing to do with Turkey)
“We don’t want to be sitting around a table in a few years arguing over who’s to blame for losing Turkey,” one top European official said.

Greek interests are not being well-served by all this insecurity surrounding Turkey. The country’s geopolitical hand may be stronger, but we are not yet in a position where either the American or the Europeans would intervene decisively in the event of a confrontation with Turkey. In the best case, they would resort to their usual tactic of trying to meet both sides in the middle.
Turkey's not going to intervene in Greece at this time- They're presently occupied so I find that suggestion non credible- If Greece wanted to keep relationships good with Turkey why didn't they return the coup plotters?  Instead of giving them military escort for safe landing and ensuring they made their way into Europe- Not neighbourly of Greece at all. No sireee...
There are those who believe that Turkey could collapse or that Erdogan could be overthrown in the next few years, when the imprisoned establishment decides to exact its revenge. Nothing is out of the question. The Turkish economy is dealing with its own challenges and there are a number of open fronts for the country, many of them quite explosive.
 Yes, Turkey is being economically targeted! 
Erdogan and Turkey are in a state of instability and no one can forge policy on the basis of pipe dreams. Athens no longer has the Russian card, and while it can be fairly confident that the Americans and the Europeans will not allow Greece to become a failed state, that’s as far as they can rely on their support.

The US could supply it with the hardware that would help the country to safeguard itself from an unpredictable Turkey and enhance its regional role, but Washington is not ready to make such a move, mainly because it doesn’t want to offend Ankara.

These are the broad brushstrokes we need to bear in mind as a difficult winter approaches, with challenges looming on the Cyprus issue and over the Eastern Mediterranean energy map. Let us hope that Turkey will not intensify its efforts to establish a fait accomplis in the Aegean.